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What is tomography and what is its application in your sector?
The tomographic analysis in the industrial field can be applied in many sectors, and with different objectives. You can find here some application examples in the most known sectors, in order to discover the power of CT.
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Tomography Systems

Tomography Center Milano holds the most important industrial tomography systems: BH v|tome|x m, VisiConsult XRH11, BH v|tome|x c. They are all installed in the same environment, where you can see them and try them. You will be able to organize your experience in our center dedicated to Industrial Tomography.

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From design to serial production, VGSTUDIO MAX enables you to keep the quality high by getting full insight into your products. At every step of the production process. All over the world.

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What can you do in TCM?

  1. find solutions for your sector
  2. try the most suitable tomography system for you
  3. do trainings with qualified tutors
  4. try the computed tomography on your own samples
  5. ...let us know what you expect to do in our TCM!
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You can find below our answers to the most frequently asked questions about industrial computed tomography.

You can scan: metal samples, plastic samples, castings, additive samples, wood, carbon, composite materials, boards and electronic components, food. The characterization is related to the size of the sample and to its density. The larger the sample and the greater its thickness, the more powerful the X-ray source must be. The more the material is dense (for example steel or inconel alloys), the more kV are needed to pass through the material.

No, the sample is not radioactive. X-rays are high-energy electromagnetic waves: they do not create any radioactivity on the scanned material. As soon as the source is turned off, the user can immediately handle the sample.

It depends on several factors. Technically, it is possible to perform a tomography in less than a minute, but it is possible to perform scans of several hours. The determining factors are the size of the sample, the type of detail to be analyzed, the precision in reconstruction.

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TCM is located in Via Cristina Trivulzio di Belgioioso, 34, 20852 Villasanta (MB)

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